Welcome to NSE goBID

NSE goBID (Government Bond Investment Destination)

NSE goBID is an online platform through which retail investors can purchase Government Securities (G-Secs). NSE goBID platform allows investors to invest in Treasury Bills, Government of India Dated Bonds, which offer the maximum safety as they carry the Government of India's commitment for payment of interest and repayment of principal.

  • How to Invest in Government Securities?

    • Step 1: New Investor Sign Up - One time register on NSE goBID platform
    • Step 2: Place Bid - Select T-Bill/Bond available for subscription
    • Step 3: Make Online Payment from Bank Account Linked to Demat Account
    • Step 4: Receive Bonds - Directly in Demat Account & Refund if any in Bank Account
  • New Investor Sign Up Options

    • Option 1: Existing client of any NSE Trading Member, sign up by just selecting your trading member
    • Option 2: All Resident Individuals, who have PAN, Bank Account, Demat Account and are KYC compliant
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